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The Web Page for and by the Liberian Refugee Youths currently situated in Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana.
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The Children Department


The Civil War not only destroyed the infrastructure and fabric of our Nation, but also affected the children who hold the future of the country. During the war these kids witnessed all sorts of traumatic events like loosing their parents, family and community members, torture, intimidation and wounds that were directly inflicted on them. Sadly enough, they were either conscripted to fight or willingly joined to revenge, thereby introducing them to the war theatre without regard to the negative impact it had on their future and that of the nation.

Later on these kids became orphans, abandoned, unaccompanied, disable and rejected kids. At the Buduburam Camp, these kids are often seen loitering in the street begging for food, engaging in hard labor work so as to find something to eat, etc. Without opportunities study, they are compelled by prevailing circumstances to engage in some unhealthy activities to become bread-winners over night.

It is against this background that the Center For Youth Empowerment has decided to establish these programs. With the intention to remove the dark cloud that hangs over their future, and to serve as a vehicle to give them hope for tomorrow.

Goal of the program

The goal of the program is to provide counseling, show love and concern, take them out of the street, give them artistic skills, and most importantly give them hope for tomorrow.

What the program offers

  • Counseling:
    Under the counseling program, we identify traumatized, vulnerable children, as well as their parents and guardians through the application of basic counseling therapy.
  • Child Art Program:
    Under this program, we believe that the artistic talents of the refugee Children should be are developed in order to help them to visualize life positively, while developing their creativities. They are taught the meaning and significance of art, and we try to teach them skills of how to paint with water and oil painting, drawing objects, lines and letters. Under this program we also provide them the basic knowledge of art work, craftsmanship and pottery.
  • Scholarship program:
    Our goal is to provide scholarship to 300 refugee children placing them at the Center for Youth Empowerment Elementary and Junior High School. At present, we have only eighty-five refugee kids benefiting from the scholarship. The scholarship covers their tuition fees, copy-books and pens/pencils expenses. As much as possible, we would also like to reach out to other schools when needed resources are made available. Students benefiting from this program range from 7 to 20 years. The scholarship also covers refugees who are desirous to pursue vocational training.
  • Make the children happy:
    Under this program, we show love and concern for war affected children by engaging them in recreational activities and organizing appropriate programs to make this kids happy again. Under the program, we organize soccer, kick-ball, running race, jumping rope, bag games, thread and needle race, showing educative movies, quizzing, dancing and singing.
  • After school program:
    Under this program, refugee kids are tutored in their respective lessons to avoid them loitering around after school, to remain focused and to make them pay more attention to their lessons.

Funds Needed

The amount of thirty dollars ($30) per term (with three terms per school year), is needed per school/year in order to take a single refugee child out of street to be placed at the CYE Elementary and Junior High School. This amount covers tuition, copy-books pens, pencils and activities fees.

Sporting materials like footballs, football shoes, and other materials for other games are required for recreational activities. Materials and funds are also needed to underwrite the cost of the following:

  • Visitation of historical sites of Ghana by refugee kids along with international volunteers.
  • Variety of Games
  • Light refreshment and art materials for the child art program
  • Materials and monetary support for the counseling program
  • The afternoon program

Future plans

  • Establish a refugee feeding center at the Buduburam Refugee Camp;
  • Increase the number of scholarship recipients from 84 to eight hundred refugee kids each year;
  • Establish an art school to target children and youths, as well as organized recreational activities on a monthly basis;
  • An orphanage home, along with other capacity building programs upon our return to Liberia.

Project proposals

Under construction