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On December 24, 1989, the news of rebel invasions was announced and the entire country was completely engulfed with fear. Many thought it would a coup that would last for a couple of days. However, in the aftermath the country was badly hit, depriving the youths and children to go to school for the past 15 years.

This created a brain-drained situation at the moment in our country. Children and youths are languishing around without an opportunity to pursue higher education and acquire vocational skills. The result is that nowadays they are not qualified to actively participate in the reconstruction process of Liberia. Instead, they were trained by war-lords as child-soldiers to carry out their own agenda.

Now the silence of guns were followed by democratically elected Government, and the need to prepare Liberians in and out for the task of national rebuilding and healing becomes unavoidable.

We, as Liberians, believe that the reconstruction process depends on the skills one acquire and what one has to offer. CYE also hold the belief that there cannot be sustained peace and development, when the minds are not liberated from the yoke of illiteracy, lack of vocational skills and ideas to move forward.

It is against this background that the educational program was established to serve a conduit to genuine peace, development and peaceful co-existence.

Goal of the program

The goal of this program is to provide opportunities for both academic and vocational skills training, and basic education on health and sanitation.

Future plans

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What the program offers

The CYE Educational program offers the followings:

  1. Elementary and Junior High School: The goal of establishing this school is to take three hundred separated and unaccompanied refugee kids out of the street and give them and occasion for a better future. Currently we have the enrollment of two hundred refugee students with twelve teachers and two support staffs. The school is free of tuition, and it runs from kindergarten to ninth grade class.
  2. Vocational Skill training/scholarship program: The goal of this program is to provide scholarship opportunities and vocational skills training to refugee youngsters. This is intended to prepare youngsters for the task of nation rebuilding, and to facilitate the return of refugees back home. Under this program we also aim to prepare them for the challenges their own life and that of the life in community.
  3. Computer Literacy program: The goal is to provide basic computer education to refugees. We train refugees to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and Power point), Publisher, Corel Draw, Website designing and Hardware components (which includes computer repair and networking).
  4. Health and Sanitation: The goal is to provide education and create awareness on personal hygiene and cleaning their environment. This is done through community workshops, distribution of fliers, and through local media. Under this program we also organize community activities to do cleaning up campaigns.

Funds Needed

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Project proposals

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