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The Peace and Reconciliation Department


The war started between rebel and government forces in 1990, and later turned into a tribal war nationwide. The civil war created a growing hatred among Liberians, destroying the fabric of our national existence, as well as the destruction of infrastructural development. This does not only pose a threat to peaceful co-existence among Liberians both in and out of the country, but also impede the achievement of sustained peace which clearly facilitates rapid development.

The negative impact of the war in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and the Ivory Coast serves as an obstacle for the enhancement of economic development in the region. This department was created under the conviction that without knowledge of how to handle conflict, respect for individual rights, and tolerance, it is practically impossible to achieve lasting peace, development and peaceful co-existence among refugees as well as post conflict communities. It is in this light that CYE attached peace education and peace building activities.

Goal of the program

The goal is to find a common denominator to resolving differences, prevent conflicts, build peace, make people live together happily, provide basic conflict resolution tools, human rights education, community development, and re-enforced peace initiative at a grass root level.

Future plans

Our plan is to expand and improve activities presently undertaken at the Buduburam Refugee Camp, using it as a platform to extend similar activities in Liberia, to facilitate the healing and reconstruction process of war torn Liberia.

What the program offers

Under this program, the Center for Youth Empowerment (CYE) generally offers peace education. Peace education taught in schools basically comprises conflict resolution skills and community peace and reconciliation workshops. Some of these workshops also targets, elders, community members, etc. Peace drama clubs, as well as community peace outreach programs were established to educate community members to better understand the importance of peace, reconciliation, the effects of war, happiness and opportunities that should be realized when there is peace. Our intention is to give tools on how to deal with conflict, and to create the culture of tolerance.

Funds Needed

Contributions are needed in order to conduct peace education, reconciliation and conflict resolution workshops, and to continue and extend the peace education program to other schools that have expressed interest.

Project proposals

Under construction